Our Testimonial


Karthik Jayaram | Film Actor
I started training for Muay Thai as a part of the movie, in the process I got introduced to Mr.  Hemanth Kumar. I was really lucky to have gotten a chance to work with Kru Hemanth. Though the movie project was not executed I am glad that I learnt the basics of Muay Thai. It’s a fantastic sport. I remember at that time Mr. Hemanth had a dream, to promote Muay Thai to a different level in India, as it is not given the recognition it deserves. Today I am happy to see that he has made that dream into reality. Read More
Mr. SYED SALMAN | Director of Holy Saint School
I met Mr. Hemanth a few months back through a common friend and immediately realized that this sport will give an edge to my students; hence I am introducing it in my school and making it a part of my curriculum.  Henceforth on wards I will make sure all my students are trained and encouraged in the sport. I would like to wish all this participants who are representing our country, who have gone through a lot of hard work and obstacles to reach this stage, Read More