XMC Muay Thai League

Weight Categories

  • Fly weight:- Below 50.80kg
  • Bantam Weight:- Between 51 to 53.50kg
  • Feather Weight:- Between 55 to 57kg
  • Light Weight:- Between 58 to 61.5kg
  • Welter weight:- Between 63.5 to 66.5kg
  • Middle weight:- Between 67 to 71kg
  • Super Middleweight:- Between 72 to 75kg
  • Light Heavyweight:- Between 76 to 79kg
  • Cruiser weight:- Between 81 to 84kg
  • Super Cruiser weight:- Between 86 to 92kg
  • Heavyweight:- Between 95 to 105kg
  • Super heavyweight:- 106 and +kg

Safety measurements

Shin guards, Elbow guards, Muay Thai shorts, Groin/abdominal Guard and Gum shield are must.fighter will be reward with cash prices and title at the end,

Selection Procedure

Fighters need to submit their respective profiles along with their fight video or fight vidoe link. Please download the application from below, fll it and mail us the scnned copy.
For any further details you can write us on xmc@xtrememuaythai.com